Annual Golf Scholarship Program By Golf Guide Zone

Golf guide zone is the place where you can buy a plenty of golf equipment to add more fun and comfort while playing. After spending several years in this industry, we came to know the value of the golf, and that is why we take responsibility to promote and motivate students to take part in this sport. This is why we are offering a $1000 scholarship for those students are passionate sports players so that they cover all their expenses including, books, and tuition fee and sports equipment.

Every graduate and postgraduate student can participate in this scholarship program and can learn the value of the sports in their life. Applicant must have an ability to provide write creative and informative content along with the impactful logics. Keep in mind that the selection of the winner will be based on these requirements.


Every candidate has to submit all their information in PDF or doc file along with your written 1000-1500 words article on given topics and send it on our If you think that you have the talent to win this scholarship, then apply for this scholarship now!

Here are the topics that you need to write:

  • What is the role of sports in our life and why should students choose it as their profession
  • What are the latest technologies in the golf?
  • Are sports can be a better choice in shaping career?
  • How an amateur player can improve their golf playing skills


All the students who are studying in the graduate and postgraduate courses including sports science, international sports management, sports tourism and other related courses can apply for this scholarship. Another important factor is that applicant must have a capability to persuade people that you are right. We will also observe some other factors, such as:

  • Creative writing ability
  • Impactful thoughts or logics
  • Ability to express
  • Influential writing subject

How to submit an application:

First of all, write an article of 1000-1500 words and then send us on our mail or our site along with your required information. We require:

  • Your personal information including your first and last name, phone number and Email address
  • Your school/college/university name
  • Your current study course
  • Your ID proof that indicates you are a student of that college