Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers 2022 Reviews

Golf can’t be played to the optimal level without the best golf driver for mid handicappers or golf clubs. The drivers play a vital role and help the golfers to acquire the ball as close as possible to the hole within a short span of time. They have specific attributes which should be taken into consideration while purchasing. A perfectly chosen golf driver helps you to improve your overall gaming performance. You can find these good golf drivers in various models from leading brands and so, picking up the right one based on your requirement is highly recommended.

They are available in different materials, heights, styles, and stances as well. The golf driver provides you with maximum control over your strike. By choosing the ideal golf driver for your game, you can easily get the best results with a little effort and time. We have come up with the best five golf club drivers. Continue reading to know more about these products.

Top Rated Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers Review


Taylor Made Men’s Jet Speed Golf Driver:

Taylor-made Jet Speed Golf driver looks solid with the matte black crown. The crown graphics at the back of the head are done in shades of blue and green. As this best TaylorMade driver is priced affordably, it can be an optimal choice for everyone. This is one of the best drivers in golf available in the market as it is very quiet with an enhanced solid feel. The pitch is a little bit slow but from the pure feel and sound perspective, this golf driver is a better option. A big technology of speed slot has been used in this driver, exactly on the bottom of the golf club. In fact, this is Taylor Made’s first driver integrated with this golf driver for mid handicappers review

The shaft weighs around 49 grams and is 46 inches long. This perfect combination of lightweight and appropriate length ensures faster swing speeds and added distances. It comes with a lightweight FCT Lite Grip which further reduces the weight of the club to improve the speed of the swing. The Speed Pocket helps in keeping the spin to the minimum level while ensuring better performance and making less contact on the face. The Loft-sleeve technology lets you fix the face in 12 different positions.

The matte black crown has replaced white offerings, and most of the enthusiasts of TaylorMade will also be missing the assistance offered by the white drivers through alignments. However, you will get impressed with the streamlined look and subtle of its head. If you are struggling with plenty of spins, you are sure to get benefitted from the distance added. Moreover, there is only very little distance between the bottom and middle of the face. Taylormade is Made the best driver in the world with high-quality materials, this driver is the best bet for passionate players.

  • Minimal distance penalties
  • More accuracy
  • More forgiveness
  • Powerful hits
  • Perfect alignment design
  • Enhanced playability features
  • Very long shaft
  • Higher impact sound
  • Cost length
  • Low shots


Adams XTD Ti Driver:

Adams is the only one club company that has made several improvements in its products in the last decade. The brand has developed to be prominent within this golfing industry and now, it is offering high-quality golf drivers that could meet the needs and requirements of every golfer. Adams XTD Ti Driver is the perfect combination of innovations and technology which have been put together by the company. This deep-faced golf driver is designed to bring about the myriad of contemporary touches that help you in finding the ball flight perfectly.

longest golf driveIf you choose to use this Adams XTD Ti Driver you can enjoy maximum benefits for every swing as every driver is tested tour times for ensuring prominent quality. You will get a driver with a strong face recommended by USGA rules. With the face of different thickness that is coupled with Adam’s highly effective Cut-Thru Slot technology, this driver is known to produce a spring life effect for transferring the utmost quality of power to the ball to increase its speed and distance. This is the first golf driver from Adams brand to hit the market with unique Cut-Thru slot technology and provides more chances on shots missing the center of the face.

Adams XTD Ti Driver comes with adjustability features, which means that the players can adjust the loft to +/-1.5 degrees. Also, even the face angle can be adjusted with this feature. The weight port located in the sole lets players adjusts swing weight. If you are one of those golfers who want more accuracy and distance, then this driver would be an optimal choice to fit your swing. It includes some of the high-end facilities such as swing speed, smash factor, ball speed, launch angle and spin rates which are known to optimize your performance.

  • Very consistent results
  • Accuracy and forgiveness
  • Stable club head
  • Better impact feel
  • Improved playability
  • Non reflective finish
  • Delivering more misses
  • Hard time in squaring up the club face
  • Lack of accurate feedback at the time of contact


Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver:

When you explore the sports gear market, you could realize that the market is flooded with adjustable drivers. The key factor is to differentiate adjustability factors such as performance advantages versus cosmetic advancements. Though most of the manufacturing companies have come up with adjustable systems for their drivers, Cobra has developed something unique and innovative. The manufacturer has come up with the Flip Zone weighting technology that lets the players improve their performance levels. As the weight is positioned towards the club’s face, it is much easier to increase the speed of the ball by higher speed players. On the other hand, the playability factors and launch angle are improved with the weight placed in the rear position. This feature is designed to help golfers with slow swing golf driver for women

Besides the movable center of gravity, this Cobra driver offers several loft options. The company is constantly working on several upgrades and now, they have introduced Speed Channel technology in this Driver. They have paired up this technology with an exclusive E9 sweet zone formulation that ensures great distance on off-center striking. Fly-Z not only offers performance factors but also provides aesthetic values. You can get benefitted out of Carbon fiber crown as well as sole pieces to a broad spectrum of color options.

The shaft is the most crucial component of driver performance and playability. Though most of the club manufacturers include high-quality shafts, the one which is used in Fly Z+ is something different. You should not judge the performance of the shaft included in Fly Z+ before judging its performance. Cobra has come up with some upgraded shafts without demanding additional charges. With the free upgradable shafts, you will be promised with a high-quality club. So, it is very clear that Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver is one of the top golf drivers available in the market.

  • Greater distance
  • Good power and accuracy
  • Offset design
  • Highly forgiving
  • Flexible enough for long drives
  • No color options are available
  • Increased spin rate
  • Issues with drives expanding at higher swing rate


Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

The new Callaway men’s big Bertha driver golf club is intended to get the maximum distance for golfers. This product is a technological breakthrough that comes equipped with sliding weight as well as a multiple materials aerodynamic shape so that there is no yard left behind. To obtain every last yard off your driver, you want more speed. With high ball speed next generation R-Moto technology, you will be offered a structure for the thinner face, resulting in high ball speeds for both off-center and on-center hits as well. High speed from the stable, light, and multi-chassis material is the excellent combinatgolf driver for beginnersion you would ever find a multi-material lightweight design and aerodynamic head shape of the club. It serves as a key to producing higher clubhead speed via aerodynamics and a great variety of weight classes found to fit every swing type, between 295 and 325 grams.

There is also a 10g sliding weight over the perimeter of the clubhead. This is to ensure stability and the weight can slide for more dispersion control for hitting the drives online. You can virtually get an unlimited draw as well as Fade bias options and also additional draw bias. Simple adjustability is one of the remarkable features of these new Callaway drivers. The weight can be decreased to any desired position you need on the track. The outfit hosel will allow you to choose from eight different configurations for tuning lie, loft, and face angle. Big Bertha comes with a new lightweight and premium shaft offered by Mitsubishi that makes some of the authentic shafts on Tour. It is known as Fubuki Z that is intended to improve energy transfer, causing more ball speed, while offering a high launch with reduced spin, having a consistent and smoother feel. if you are looking for cheap golf drivers then this is for you. Some stunning features that make this product a great success include perimeter weighting, low spin drivers with more preferred and lighter swing weight, and deeper CG for higher forgiveness.

  • Cover the large and great distance
  • Maximum accuracy and extraordinarily forgiving
  • Light and stable feel
  • Exceptional playability features with intuitive adjustability
  • Sophisticated look.
  • Alignment support is difficult to pick up
  • Ultralight shaft option results in whippy misses


Cleveland Golf Classic XL Driver

The Classic XL Driver represents the initial foray of Cleveland into the platform of adjustable drivers. It features a 460cc club that is aimed at better players, contains 12 face angle settings, closed from 2.25 degrees to open 2.25 degrees. There is also a neutral face available with a 3-degree upright lie that must develop more draw bias for slicers and faders. The stick weighing 310 grams has 7g adjustable weight port at the rear. The driver is also fbest disc golf drivereatured with a standard choice of 3 shafts at forty-five inches for optimizing the ball flight. When it comes to forgiveness and accuracy, the deep and wider face provides more of forgiveness with average swings and also well-struck shots from a tight, nice pattern. The feel that this driver offers is one of the greatest strengths. It feels easy to swing, however not very light to power up a smooth tempo. A considerable amount of head weight greatly maintains stability via the hitting zone. The impact sensation is absolute with precise feedback, and a muted thud allows you to know that you pounded the ball.

The club reacts to whatever input you feed it, whether repeatable or flat trajectory. Some testers also experience straight ball at the neutral setting, which falls on the left like a slight draw by the end. This Cleveland XL driver is a high mark for the look and feel. It is also a competent, dependable club in every area, including playability, control, accuracy, and distance these all features make its best golf driver for beginners. The look also makes it one of the desirable factors in the group for classy and aesthetics, alignment dot, and deep face, which makes aiming pretty easier. One of the highly attractive sticks in the test offers a unique feel and respectable distance.

  • Distance cover 5 yards or longer than the current club
  • Deep, wider face provides huge forgiveness with average swings
  • Allows well-struck shots from tight, nice pattern
  • Club responds to any input it receives
  • Very strong and positive feelings 
  • A bit more directional correction is required
  • Distance department lags revolutionary update
  • Shaft graphics difference more with traditional nature of club


How To Choose The Best Golf Driver For Mid Handicappers for Next Match?

Nothing else in golf technology can enhance your game much better than an exact fit driver. Choosing the best game improvement drivers that work right for you could be a daunting process if you are not able to get it done the first time or even during second and third times sometimes. The driver is typically what is used by the club golfers to set off any par four or par-five holes. When a driver could be a difficult and intimidating club for golfers at every level, the perfect club can assist beginners, and also avid golfers feel self-assured if they drive off. It is necessary that you pick the right driver to make sure high swing speeds, more powerful shots, and longer drives. Check out the points below to make it certain that you find the right golf driver, the very first time,

  • Pick The Perfect Club Head:- It is important to decide on the right clubhead size. To make it simple, let’s categorize the head sizes of the club into small, medium and large. A small club head is lighter and facilitates more control over your swing. You should say aware that you may have to sacrifice distance for more control. Also, a club head in a small size has a smaller sweet spot, such that there are only fewer margins for a mistake.

Club heads in larger sizes tend to have the larger sweet spot and also more mass to assist develop distance and momentum in your swing. A club head that is of medium size is the combination of two. The size you select will be based on your preferences, whether you are looking for more control or need distance. Club heads are designed in various materials, with the common ones being titanium and steel. Titanium enables to have a bigger head with a similar amount of weight, whereas stainless steel is quite cheaper. Eventually, however, the material to decide simply relies on which on feels good to you.

Golf club designers continue designing clubs with external and internal weighting to support golfers hitting a fade or adjust or draw ball flight lower and higher. Whether you choose weight screws, ideal head shapes or lightweight carbon crowns, you can always find the high-performance driver to suit your game.

  • Decide The Best Shaft:- When you select your new driver, the shaft type is just as significant as the head of the driver. Different materials offer different flexibility. Flex indicates the amount of bend possible in a shaft. Essentially, the slower your swing, the more flexibility you want to develop the right impact speed. When you have the faster swing, you will want a stiffer club shaft. It is crucial to show more concern on choosing the shaft flex in order to maximize accuracy and distance. A slower swing player must use the most flexible shaft to maximize distance. Players with more swing speeds must choose woods having stiffer shafts to improve accuracy. Choosing the more flexible shaft is important to have more control. If you are between a stiff and regular flex, then opt for regular.
  • Get The Right Loft:- Loft represents the measure of the angle of the club head. If the measurement of the loft is greater, then the angle on the face of club head will be greater. And also more control without much distance. The slower swings require greater loft, while the faster swings require less loft. Nowadays, golf balls as well as larger club head sizes necessitate more launch angles.
  • Determine The Right Length:- You will have to determine the right length shaft to make sure you have appropriate positioning with the ball during the swing. Also, a longer club may offer you higher distance, however, may offer you reduced control. A golfer with a hard swing must be able to produce plenty of distance using an oversized head. A driver that is steel-shafted will guide that golfer place the ball straight. A golfer with less experience may have more hard time producing distance. They must consider picking a graphite shaft that will be whippier and aid them to achieve more distance off the tee. Now that you have gone through several options you can consider for working towards a perfect drive, spend a little time until you find the right one.


Whether you are playing golf just for fun during weekends or it is a passion for you, it is important to spend some time making the right selection. If you are an amateur or a beginner, you can get standard golf drivers. You can choose the one based on your height as well. To pick up the best drivers, or golf clubs for beginners you can check online websites dedicated to selling sports gear. You should never hesitate to go through the reviews before making a decision. The reviews let you know about the pros, cons, and features of a specific driver model. So, you can stay away from wasting money on unworthy products. Don’t hesitate to get suggestions from experts as they will guide you in picking up the best golf driver for mid handicappers for you.

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