Best Fairway Woods 2022 Reviews

Golfers make use of the best fairway woods to hit the ball fairway onto the green. There are some fairway woods that can be utilized as a driver. Though hybrid golf clubs have become the most preferred choice for a lot of golfers, the individuals who are loyal to wood clubs choose only fairway woods. These kinds of woods are great to be kept in the bag due to their ability to rise the ball up in the air at ease. Moreover, these fairway woods are much easier to hit than those long iron. That is why it is highly recommended for every golfer to have at least 3 and 5 wood in their golf bag. If you have decided to choose a game improvement fairway wood for the game, then you can pick up the one from the below-listed top fairway woods.

Best Fairway Woods Reviews


Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Fairway Woods

The Callaway men’s big Bertha fairway woods is a stunning development in technology for achieving more playability as well as distance, using a forged hyper speed face cup for a contemporary warbird sole and ball speed that makes it simple to hit. To offer the most in distance with a  callaway fairway woods, a forged hyper speed face cup is featured and designed for greater speeds to make the ball reach a long way on off-center as well as on-cebest fairway woods reviewsnter hits. When it comes to controlling and ultimate playability, the head is bigger than a typical fairway wood and that additional surface area gives away more MOI for higher forgiveness. A legendary Warbird soleplate is added as well to make it easy for the club to hit from a range of lies with a mid-launching trajectory.

The divine nine options and special heaven wood have an ideal combination as well as stiffer dispersion than what you obtain from your ordinary club configuration. The divine nine and heaven wood could offer you the suitable gapping to your bag. By means of optifit adjustability, it is possible to change the fairway wood to settings that you wish to play with eight-way adjustability. You can include loft, adjust or take loft off the angle to suit your swing. Shot shaping ability, ultimate trajectory control, and more ball speed are what you will enjoy with this fairway woods. A more robust, lighter, and thinner Carpenter steel face cup design will produce greater ball speeds alongside the complete face for more playability and consistent distance. This is better for products, but more specifically in a fairway wood. The advanced adjustable hosel allows rise or dips in the loft level in one degree to optimize the launch angles and also backspin for increased distance, more forgiveness, and preferred trajectory from the fairway.

  • Produces required trajectory, not too low or too high
  • Big Bertha gets the job done easily, offering sufficient distance both from nice fairway lies and off the tee
  • Blue finish is a rewarding change from gray or black

  • Not a large bomber for most testers
  • Additional forgiveness is expected 

Taylor Made Men’s Jet Speed Golf Fairway Wood:

JetSpeed fairway woods and clubs incorporate a fabulously designed Speed Pocket, which is smaller and light weight and boost the speed of the clubface. The speed pockets in Jet Speed fairway woods are filled with the polymer to keep the debris out and take upfairway wood vs hybrid the vibration without reducing the speed of the club face. The amount of weight which is saved by Speed Pocket Design is evenly distributed within the club head for moving the center of gravity forward and lower to the location where it has been proven that TaylorMade is proven to promote fast ball speed and low spin.

The TaylorMade Engineers made the face shallower whilst maintaining the same speed. The JetSpeed 3 wood’s face is much shallower, and this has brought the center of gravity to lower about the center of the face, and this has made it easier for launching on the high angle. This gives a stealthy and sleek appearance to the JetSpeed fairways. JetSpeed fairway woods and clubs are known to offer an incredible combination of ease of launch and distance. They are the longest and highly playable fairway woods created by TaylorMade. All the metal wood club faces of JetSpeed are made with high-quality steel alloy which adds credit to the speed of the clubface and its best performance fairway woods golf clubs ever. Fairway woods of Jetspeed are equipped with Matrix Velvox T- 69 shaft which is heavier than those shafts used in previous models. This additional weight facilitates better control over the club during the swing. This would help players to achieve a solid contact and a perfect swing path, which in turn promotes increased accuracy and distance. You can find the Jetspeed Fairway Wood available in matte black finish with graphics which are intended for aiding in the alignment. Overall, this fairway wood is aesthetically impressive.

  • Decreased spin rate to achieve greater distance
  • Lighter Speed Pocket
  • Versatile
  • More precise than a driver
  • Lightweight and durable

  • Not adjustable
  • Absence of proper aim mark 

Cobra Men’s 3-4 W Bio Cell Fairway Wood

The Cobra Men’s bio cell fairway wood is the direct result of connections between cobra’s tour staff and their R & D with the aim of developing a more traditional and compact shape than that of standard best fairway woods for high handicappersbio cell. The bio cell fairway has an amazingly compact footprint as well as the shallower face that are aimed to make for a club, which is playable from the deck and the tee. As long as aesthetics is concerned, bio cell fairway wood is the cleanest overall packages available out there in a fairway wood of a player. Available in a range of colors, the compact size of the head is the highlight here with distinct colors. The crown is featured only with a cobra logo as the light and the alignment aid shadowed bio cell paint scheme at the rear half portion of the head. The paint typically shows the exact size and shape of what is going on within the head with use of these cells on the complete club design.

In bio cell+ fairway, you can find a complete level of loft adjustability due to the use of cobra’s smart pad technology and a new myfly8 adapter. This adapter allows for u different loft options in both 5-7w and 3-4w including 3 draw settings. When it comes to a driver, the elimination of fade settings was due to feedback received by Cobra from different fitters. Though the feel/sound is absolutely the most subjective, some idea traits have been featured by bio cell+ in this area. The steel face insert and smaller size are what that shines, though, while the head features a sharp and short metallic tink at the blow. The sound though not by any means hollow and hence there is no resonating, which leads to abnormally noisy sound. Moreover, the ball feels as though it jumps away from the face irrespective of where alongside the smaller surface area the blow is made.

  • Adjustable Hosel improves your options
  • Distance coverage is solidly more than average
  • Bio cell woods are light and easy and comfortable to swing

  • Hard swings lead to low and snipe draws
  • Dumped-down comment is almost not available for some guys
  • Loud graphics appear to be an acquired taste 

Adams Golf Speedline Super S Fairway Golf Wood:

Speedline Fairway Golf Wood from Adam is said to be a fairway wood in a hybrid style, and this can be felt with its sleek look. The head is known to have a lovely profile from above and from the side to look extremely aerodynamic. The major objective of this design is to give the fairway an enhanced camber across from front to back across the sole. All these aspects allow Super S to slither through the grass. Even if you hit it from different types of lies, you will enjoy its performances. One of the most attractive features of this fairway wood is the slots found in the crown and sole of a club head. ping fairway woodsThe slot does not go through the head completely and is included just to increase the launch angle devoid of increasing the number of spins. PVC material is used for filling the slot in the sole to increase the ball speed for more distance. Both the slots of this fairway wood are combined to give the unit a higher penetrating flight. Another noticeable thing is the stability of the club felt during the strike, which results in forgiveness and a perfect sound too. Similar to other Super S woods, this fairway wood features lightweight and softer shafts. If you use a stiff shaft, it gives a better flight and so, you must opt for the perfectly fitted loft and shaft in the right combination. The sole of Adam fairway wood has a black finish which is brushed on the clubface to render a good quality look to the club. If you take its level of performance and advanced technology used in the club head into account, you will realize that it is affordably priced than other fairway woods available in the market.

  • Affordable price
  • Light weight
  • Easier to swing and hit
  • Cut thru slot
  • Great look and feel with matte white finish
  • Better alignment

  • A little bit difficult for the beginner to get used to the equipment

Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 Fairway Wood

Cleveland has come out with a fresh new design that features some technology, which they feel will make fairway wood, the biggest one that they have ever made. The Cleveland Golf 588 fairway wood combines forgiveness and power in a versatile design. A great tour-proven profile delivers optimal face, crown, and sole dimensions to promote a confidence-inspiring, clean look from off the tee. The technology of improved variable face thiccallaway 5 woodkness generates maximum distance on greater forgiveness and center strikes on off-center hits. Featured with rear sole plug, more advanced wall built enables more weight to be placed low at the club head for improved launch. A premium designed shaft is intended for mid-high launch, offer an all-around blend of stability and speed with solid feel at force.

It seems like there are only a few main club manufacturers out there who make basic black clubs. Cleveland has maintained classic styling throughout the earlier time, and the new 588 fairway woods are nothing different. The crown is sleek black without alignment aids that has got transformed into a middle size silver face. If you flip the club to see the sole, there will be a quite amount of pin striping across the edges and also a few smart carbon fiber accents. The shape is intended to be confidence-inspiring regardless of the shot. For golfers who prefer a pear shape, that will not be the club for them regarding appearance. However, it does not appear like a mini drive by some means. In the case of performance, it would be refreshing to be able to choose a three wood and simply go hitting on long ways and also able to simply flat out hitting the shot. The performance is straightforward and nice, and you can hit shots just.

  • Launches ball with not much effort and cuts smoothly through the rough
  • Skilled players can make shots without any trouble
  • Distance length is consistent
  • The basic setup has a good look behind the ball.

  • Most of the panelists miss noticeable distance relatively to the others testes
  • Draw bias not practical for hard swingers 

Tips For Choosing Best Fairway Woods Ever

If you have planned to choose fairway woods, then you should be very careful in choosing the right one. In fact, picking up the fairway woods is similar to purchasing a new car. With several types of shafts, lofts and head sizes available today, it can be a daunting task to choose the best-rated fairway woods for your golfing needs. However, there are certain things that should be taken into consideration while choosing fairway woods.

  • Tee: If you have chosen to use fairway woods, then you should pick up the one with more lofts than drivers as such fairy woods are much easier to hit accurately. A three-wood on the right hand easily travels as far as possible, and the extra loft ensures more forgiving and is easier to hit as well.
  • Distance Or Great Shots: When it comes to using fairway wood more, then you should decide whether you are using it just to hit the ball for distance or to put shots into the greens. If you want the fairway wood for the latter purpose, then choosing more than one fairway wood with more lofts will be better. This helps in landing and stopping quickly.
  • Head: If you want to hit some splendor shots, you cannot accomplish them with a driver or a long iron. So, opting for the fairway wood would be the right choice. In case, you are expecting to use the club predominantly; then you need to look for the one with the shallow head. Still, you can use the fairway wood from the tee, but the head with a lower profile is an optimal choice to hit from tighter lies of the fairway. Fairways with larger heads ensure more forgiving and send the ball higher by creating backspins.
  • Golf course: It is also important to give consideration to the golf courses you are playing. Giving consideration to the distance needed to reach is also worthwhile. Pick up the combination of club and lofts to meet the needs. A fairway with 19 degrees travels higher and more distance than what it is covered by hybrid at the same degree.
  • Adjustability: This feature is just popular only in the case of drivers, but now the manufacturers have started to offer adjustability in the fairway woods as well. This is included to provide the players with the ability to customize the club to fit their conditions and swing.
  • Loft: The players can adjust the loft of fairway woods with an adjustable hosel. These high loft fairway woods adjustments can be made by removing the screw, connecting the shaft, and replacing it in the pre-determined setting. So, you can easily increase or decrease the loft by 4 to 5 degrees.
  • Materials: The fairway woods available in the market contain heads made from different types of materials such as steel, titanium, etc. Steels are known to offer a strong and more forgiving element to the club. The titanium which is lightweight in nature makes it a beneficial option for fairway woods. If you give consideration to all these factors, you can easily choose the right fairway woods.


Benefits of Ideal Fairway woods During Game

Fairway woods have been produced after a great range of research and development that obviously proves it to be a perfect club for golfers. They can use fairway wood for any purpose they want, whether they need more height on shots or a club to replace three irons set or a club to be used off the tee, or they want a club to get hit from rough. All these purposes are served by fairway woods and if you are clever enough to choose the best fairway wood, you can able to gain more benefits from a fairway wood. Check out the remarkable benefits of fairway wood that comes more versatile for golfers,

• Though not as familiar as in drivers, few manufacturers now offer adjustability in fairway woods to enable players the potential to customize the club to suit their conditions and swing.

• Containing more loft than drivers, it is easier for fairway woods to hit and also more precise. At times, a three wood in the experienced hands can travel easily as far, and the additional loft makes it easier and forgiving to hit the fairway.

• Adams speed line-The extended rear corners of fairway wood’s boxer shape are designed to stabilize the performance on the off-center hits. The low center of a hybrid’s center of gravity is incorporated by the shallow face.

• Exotics XCG-V tour-The multi-material head is featured by the light magnesium crown, large steel soleplate, and the titanium cup face as the original XCG-V; however it has a bigger face.

• Callaway Diabolo-There is two different versions. The N neutral is featured with a shallow face as per the tour input, while D (draw) is quite taller and encompasses a draw-bias face angle.

• Nikes SQ Dymo- Designed to overcome the turf interaction issues of bigger-headed fairway woods; the angled sole is designed to restrict surface contact.

• Titleist 909F2/F3- Two options are crafted to accommodate 2 ball flights. The head-shaped tour-inspired F3 generates a reduced flight. F2, having a shallower and a wider face, has higher lofts and a lower CG to instigate the ball higher.

• Taylor made R9- The hosel design that is adjustable features 8 settings that modify the face angle, loft, and lie. Ball-flight options differ between neutral and a bit higher, draw bias to a little lower, fade bias. Material benefits of fairway woods

• Steel-Most of the fairway woods available in the market come with a head built out of steel since the head is not needed to be as big as a driver. Steel provides a forgiving, strong element to the club and moreover, this inexpensive metal can be manufactured easily for the smaller head.

• Titanium-Relatively vanquished by steel in this area; this metal is yet used in most of the fairway woods. Titanium has a basic lightweight nature that makes it a handy face for fairway metals.

• Composite-There is some composite fairway woods available in the market. Light materials like carbon are used on the crown or at the rear part of the clubhead enabling the manufacturers to reduce the weight of head for perimeter weighting.



If you are a beginning golfer, you should be very careful in picking up the right fairway woods for you. It is always better to choose the one which is priced affordably. You can even consult with professionals and get golf clubs constructed perfectly for you. If you are budget-minded, go for the ones that are priced affordably. You can buy fairway woods online from any of the leading brands. Check the review, features, and specifications of these clubs as they will give you an idea of whether or not that specific product is an optimal choice for you or not. You can implement the tips given above to choose the right fairway woods just for you. A fairway wood plays a crucial role in determining your hit. To make perfect hits, choose the best fairway woods for you.

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