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Choosing the best golf practice net is a useful tool for the back garden. Rather than trying to gently fire golf balls to avoid them shooting over the back-garden fence, a well-positioned net is an essential accessory for every avid golfer who wishes to improve off the golf course.

Selecting a good net isn’t as easy as it sounds because many of the products on the market don’t please when it comes to quality thresholds. Balls slip through, and frames fall over with a powerful shot from an eight iron, and you’re back to basics again.

So, it’s time to skip the driving range and give your back garden a try instead. It’s certainly the cheaper option when the golf practice net is used over the months.

Below are our reviews of the best golf practice nets. After the reviews, we have some further information about the benefits of using a practice net, as well as other information too.

Top 5 Golf Practice Nets Review Of 2022


Rukket Haack Golf Net by SEC Coach Chris Haack

The Rukket Haack Golf Net from Chris Haack (a SECcouch) is a generously sized net that stands 7 feet tall, 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep to catch the fastballs efficiently.

The noted coach Chris Haack is the name behind this net. He has coached several PGA players on the golfing circuit already. The product uses a tall frame design with the net stretched at the center in the two back corners that attach to the frame. The logo branding is shown here too. The effect of this design is to stretch the net out somewhat to avoid it slumping down and being ineffective at catching flying golf balls. Instead, the net is ready to withstand a fast ball without golf practice nets reviews

In a previous version of this golf practice net, there used to side wings also included. This is no longer the case sadly, but they are available separately from the manufacturer should they be deemed necessary in the area the net is to be set up. It is sometimes possible that a ball will be caught and then roll back out (it’s actually a stated feature of this product) or come flying back at the sides, in which case the side wings would become quite handy at that point.

Setting up this product has been intentionally made simple and quick to do. A chair might be necessary to stand on considering that the net is 10 feet tall when set up properly on the stand. Even when set up, the net is still light. It also packs down into a convenient carry bag that is used to store it. The net is truly portable to take it on vacation too.

The netting is durable having been made as a 4-ply one to catch all golf balls without any having the chance to slip through. The netting also uses a design that doesn’t knot up, so the net won’t get tangled up every time it catches a fresh ball.

Practice swings are safer with the use of this product. It is great at catching balls in a limited space and returning them back to the golfer to take another swing.


Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net

The Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy Hitting Net has an unusual design. It is all black but with a curved back arch frame that extends out a considerable distance. The purpose of this design approach is to allow the ball to catch the net – even fast ones – without skipping a beat. The frame is a tri-based one that uses three poles to provide the widest area at each point without making construction too difficult either.

The measurements of the net are 7 feet wide and 6.5 feet high. As mentioned, the net also goes back a few feet, so you’ll need to allow for some clearance room behind the net’s front position to capture the golf balls as they fly to the back of the net. The black nylon net uses a mesh approach for a denser netting texture that is durable enough to catch golf balls struck at considerable speeds.indoor golf practice net reviews

The product is ideal for either indoors or outdoors without needing to change how to use it. It does have stakes that point to the ground (and outside will penetrate the ground). This is something to be aware of for people with floors that they wish to protect. The pointed poles are intended to prevent the net from sliding around, which works perfectly, but is less so for indoor use. On the other hand, there’s no wind indoors, so unless hitting the golf balls really hard, the net is unlikely to slide around much!

Given that the product only uses three poles, it is not too difficult to erect. It only reaches 6.5 feet high, so for tall people, it’s possible to set it up correctly without needing to stand on a chair. Laying it on its side is the best idea for shorter people, which will be most of us. The net is a bit unwieldy when turning it back upright after completing the setup on its side though, but still quite manageable.

The nylon bag provided is long enough to pack down the Izzo Golf Tri-Daddy product ready for transport. As such, the net can be taken on road trips for the hotel room and used safely when there. Alternatively, when not erected, the net and poles are packed away out of the way from dusty or damp environments.

Unlike with some other nets, there is no ball returning feature with this golf practice net. You’ll need to step inside the net to retrieve the balls. It is suggested to practice with some of them not to have to keep stopping to act as a ball boy every minute.


PowerNet Golf Practice Net

The PowerNet Golf Practice Net is a product that avoids the usual all-black approach to design with hitting nets and goes with a red and black look that’s attractive. While the net itself and the exterior frame are black, the net is bordered with a thick red/maroon color which helps the eye track the edge of the net to avoid hitting outside of it. A nice touch visually and also a good one for safety either indoors or outdoors.

The net itself is 10 feet wide and 7 feet tall. It has a reasonably shallow depth of 3 feet which makes it very accessible for indoor use because of its smaller size. The black netting uses a knotless style with a 6-ply design as a mesh that avoids golf balls squeezing through the net and accidentally hitting a wall or a person in the process.backyard golf net reviews

A great ball return feature is built into the design. The net not only prevents balls flying away, but it naturally lets the balls be captured, then roll back out and down to the golfer. When the net is used in conjunction with the golfing mat to let the ball roll back to you and not get stuck in either the grass or the carpet, this process works wonderfully well. Just not having to keep bending down to pick up balls during a long practice session is something that your back will surely thank you for later that evening.

The theme of the red border of the net is maintained with the red canvas bag with black carry straps that wrap around the canvas. It’s long and thin rather than being too bulky.

The lifetime warranty on this product is good to see which covers the product overall and the individual parts too. Along with using it for golfing practice, the product is also recommended for soccer, baseball, and lacrosse.


Ajillis 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set

The Ajillis3 in 1 Golf Practice Set is a larger net than one would usually find in this category. At 26 inches wide, it covers a broader area and is ideal for new golfers who aren’t too sure whether they’re going to slice the ball or hit it straight ahead cleanly. The 7 feet height is also good enough to catch high strokes and chip shot practices. The depth of 5.5 feet is considerably deeper than most other netting products, and so it doesn’t allow3 in 1 Golf Practice Set for instant ball return.

The product is three in one coming with a separate mini chipping practice net, the larger golf practice net, and a driving mat too. The design of the golfing net is durable enough to resistant to varied weather outdoors, which few of these types of products are intended to do. The poles are fiberglass to make them both light and strong at the same time.

Two long bendable poles are used front and back to cover the full width of the product. The driving mat has an artificial grass surface and is weighted down with a rubber flooring that keeps it in place. No Velcro has been used to avoid the possibility of scratching an indoor floor. The net extends widely once setup with the front being wider than the back of the net in a design that is different to other competing products on the market.

A nylon bag is provided to pack up the product and either transport it or store it. While the Ajillis 3 in 1 Golf Practice Set may be used indoors, it takes up considerable space when doing so.


Izzo Golf Callaway Home Range

The Izzo Golf Callaway Home Range is the full kit. It puts the “Pro” into Professional when it comes to golfing nets. The product includes the hitting net, a caddie feeder that delivers a new ball to hit in juIzzo callaway golf netst the right spot, and a zone target that hangs down.

The product is almost an all-black affair, with only the hanging target that uses red, black and white colors to distinguish itself standing out from the rest of the design. The netting is durable, and the poles are fiberglass using a four-point system that ensures greater stabilization. Cross irons are used at the top to keep everything in place.

The Pro caddie holds a generous 35 balls and feeds a single ball out when tapped in the right spot with the front of your club. Given that the 7-foot net doesn’t have a ball returning feature, the ability to easily be fed 35 balls for hitting without needing to break off to collect them back up again is excellent.

There is also a launch area to lay down that employs rubber to keep it in place, has a grass-like appearance, and holds a tee for firing shots off. The mat is 16 feet long by 8 feet wide.

The Izzo Golf Callaway Home Range is the full package.


Best Golf Practice Net Buyer’s Guide

Here we cover some basics to help clarify the usage of a golf practice net.

Reasons to Try Using a Golf Hitting Net

Using a golf hitting net is a good idea because it increases the amount of time spent lining up and striking the golf ball. As a result, the accuracy, power, and technique all improve over the duration of time spent practicing.

To become an excellent golfer (just like with many other things in life), it takes hundreds or thousands of hours of time invested in learning the sport and practicing to improve your gameplay. While there’s nothing like putting in rounds at the golf course, it’s often the time practicing off the course that delivers the greatest improvement to results on the course.

Everything from the proper stance, the swing and follow through, and the comfort of holding the various clubs from the golf bag all contribute to the ease of play later on.

It’s also a fair point to say that it’s difficult to find the time to pack the clubs into the car and drive to the course. No one wants to play alone at the golf club either. With a practice net, the practice comes to your back garden (or indoors) which saves a ton of time which can go right into improving your playing performance. A true win-win.

What are the Benefits of a Golf Practice Net?

There are many different benefits to using a golfing net to advance your game.

Firstly, the net is capable of being used any time of the year. Nets setup indoors can obviously be used whenever the golfer chooses to practice their swing and hitting strokes. For solely outside play, the only good weather is required to allow for getting in some new practice time.

Special indoor practice golf nets that are suitable for use in the home and compact enough to fit in more limited spaces are a good choice for anyone who wants year-round access to indoor golf practices. It’s also nicer to not need to worry about changing temperatures outdoors, windy conditions and other possible impediments that could affect your game. When having a goal to improve your handicap over the year, sticking to a regular practice routine is important in the attainment of that goal where consistency when using an indoors hitting net is particularly important.

For anyone too tired to play a full round of golf after work, this restricts golfing to limited time on the weekend rather than weekday nights. With the inclusion of a net at home, it’s possible to considerably extend the number of hours one can practice for and benefit from the extra golfing time.

Compared to professional practice nets, there’s no waiting for the ball dispenser to deliver balls or for to take your turn on the range. You’re in complete command of how many balls you get to take an accurate swing at.

One of the surprising things is that we all develop golf muscles that atrophy if we don’t use them. If you live in a climate that is uncooperative in the fall and winter months, then it’s next to impossible to get out on the greens until early spring. During this long waiting time, your swing loses its confidence, and the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and back that help power the longer drives lose their strength and conditioning too. With a home practice net, this needn’t happen and puts you one step ahead of your local competition when the course opens back up in the early part of the year.

Practice Nets with Targets

A practice net is useful when it has a target either attached to it or overlaid across it. It is one thing to swing the club to put the ball into the net, but quite another to set a target for distance or a chip shot and improve your accuracy over time.

Nets with targets are helpful, especially to golfing students and new players to the mighty game. It brings a focus to the game that’s often lacking.

The ability to repeatedly practice shots over and over is something that the pros will tell you is necessary to get the best results. It may not be sexy or even fun, but discipline is required to improve your game above that of a casual player.

How Do Nets Help with Direction?

Any easy criticism to level at golfing players who use a golf practice net is that they don’t know whether their ball was on point or shooting wide of the mark because they’re not striking a golf ball on the actual fairway. The reality is that even new golfers develop a good sense of whether they accidentally sliced the ball which would have shot into the trees on the edge of the fairway or if the ball was going to sail forward 200 yards down the fairway near to the putting green.

Practice Makes Perfect

A fully rounded golfing game includes many types of strokes. From the full swing to the chip out of the sand trap bunker to the gentle shot the last 60 yards to the green, it’s all something that must be practiced over and over again to improve. This is especially true for golf shots that don’t come up that frequently.

The ability to try different swing techniques and shots in the comfort of your home or backyard away from questioning eyes is also far more relaxing than risking embarrassment out of the course.

Save on Costs

One thing is true, golf is not the cheapest sport to get into, and it’s also quite pricey to maintain. Anything one can do to hold down these costs is a good thing. With a shooting net, it can take the place of another round of unsatisfying golf when what you really needed was repeated practice of troublesome strokes that let you down every time to you try them, leading to missing par on around.


There is a golfing net for every type of golfer. From the mini indoor net that will increase the practice times for new players to a full package with striking mat, ball feeder, and the rest; getting extra practice time in has never been easier or more fun.

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