Top 5 Most Popular Golf Brands

Note: Until recently Nike would have likely qualified as one of the world’s top golf brands, but their shocking announcement that they’re leaving the golf hardware business has created a void other brands will be rushing to fill.


Callaway is a well-respected name from Beijing to Barcelona, yet it only came into existence in 1982. Today it is one of the world’s largest makers of high-end, high-performance gold equipment, and many of the top players on the PGA, European, and Senior Circuit use and win with Callaway clubs on a regular basis. There are a number of advantages to purchasing Callaway clubs including:golf club brands

  • Ease of purchase: Callaway clubs can be easily purchased from their online store or from any of their authorized dealers worldwide. Their website includes a locator feature to help you find the authorized dealer nearest you.
  • Personalization: Callaway will personalize your clubs for you, that is, make minor adjustments to the club so that it’s a better fit to your body type, size, and ability for a reasonable fee. This feature can make the difference between you enjoying your clubs and loving them.
  • Reputation: Callaway has some of the biggest names in golf in their stable. From The King himself to Lefty and women’s champion Annika Sorenstam. The list of Callaway adherents is long and impressive and should leave no doubt that the company produce a fine product.
  • Trade in! Trade up! Callaway will reimburse you for the value of your old clubs when you trade them in to purchase a new set of Callaway’s. Callaway’s trade-in program is not limited to their own clubs as they accept clubs by some other manufacturers.

Callaway makes serious equipment for serious golfers. If you’re ready to step up to the next level trade in your old clubs for a set of Callaway and watch the handicap drop.


TaylorMade has come a long way since its inception in 1TaylorMade best golf club brands979: from marketing a single product – a 12-degree driver made of cast stainless steel – to the full-service golf merchandise powerhouse they are today. TaylorMade is owned by Adidas and regularly partners with Adams Golf, Ashworth Golf and Adidas golf. Other reasons TaylorMade has become one of the top 5 golf brands in the world:

  • Online customizer: TaylorMade offers an online customization service where customers can enter pertinent information the company will use to customize their new clubs. If you’re a lefty, you can order your custom left-handed clubs through the Custom Shop as well.
  • The club recommender: The company’s recommended software asks you a series of questions about your golf game in order to better determine the right set of clubs for you. Those fairly new to the game will appreciate the help finding just the right driver or irons.
  • Pre-owned clubs: Often times players simply move on to other clubs and trade in what are perfectly good clubs in the process. You can purchase those pre-owned clubs through the company’s website and pick up a great set of clubs at a remarkable price.
  • TMGE: Or the TaylorMade Golf Experience in Las Vegas allows you to enjoy the Flight Deck Performance Center where you’re able to test out the latest in TaylorMade technology for free and get fitted to your clubs with the same care and expertise a tour pro would enjoy.

TaylorMade makes reliable, high-quality golf equipment for juniors, beginners, and intermediate players and world-class woods and irons for the world’s leading professionals.


PING was born in 1959 in the garage workshop of one Karsten Solheim. Solheim was tired of inferior, commercially available putters and decided to make his own. Shortly thereafter Karsten Manufacturing was born; a company known today by the brand name PING. It didn’t take long for Solheim to venture into the manufacturing of woods, irons, wedges, and hybrids as well and today PING is one of the most recognized names in global golf. Some of the advantages of owning PING clubs include:PING top golf brands

  • Rebates for military members: PING offers a military rebate to qualifying men and women and their spouses. That includes Active service members, those on Active Reserve or those officially retired from the US Armed Forces. A great way to salute those who have put themselves on the line for us all.
  • PING repairs: PING is one of the few sports manufacturers that has a department specifically dedicated to repairing their product. Some would take this as an indication the product may be inferior but in fact, PING makes wonderful equipment, and their repair service is just a reflection of how seriously they take customer service.
  • Get fit: Any of PING’s national retailers will fit you for clubs or, if you prefer, you can use the company’s online application to determine just the right club for you. A great time saver for busy professionals.

PING provides top-quality equipment for golfers of all ages and abilities. They’ve earned their spot on this list through their performance on the course and their attention to the needs of their customer base.


Cobra is one of the older companies on this list having been founded in 1973 by former Aussie golf champion Thomas Crow. From humble beginnings, Cobra has grown into an internationally recognized maker of world-class golf equipment and accessories. Some of the many reasons you’ll want to consider having a Cobra in your bag include:golf apparel brands

  • Availability: Cobra is available at more than 7,800 locations worldwide as well as through the company’s online store.
  • Golf tips: Cobra has an extensive library of online golf videos that will entertain and inform. Ever wonder what happened to The Shark? Well, he’s over at Cobra helping them out with their video library.
  • Easy customization: Customize your Cobra golf clubs using their online ‘custom options’ page. Everything you need to know about what can be customized and how to do it is laid out in an easy-to-understand fashion. If you wish, you can have your clubs customized by one of their authorized dealers.
  • CPGTP: Say that 3 times fast! The Cobra/Puma Golf Team Program provides discounts to college and high school golf programs. Just have the coach or AD contact Cobra, and they’ll explain how to take advantage of this great program for young golfers.
  • The Cobra Tour: Keep up with all the amazing golfers who are part of the Cobra Tour, including videos, stats, and details about what’s in their bag.

Cobra golf clubs are well suited to golfers of all ages and abilities. Take your game to a new level with Cobra clubs and accessories.

Adams Golf

Adams began as Preceptor Golf in 1983. When that company went bankrupt in 1988 Barney Adams purchased the assets and renamed the company Adams Golf. Initially, the company specialized in custom-fitted clubs and had several notable spokespersons, including Open winner Bill Rodgers, LPGA legend Carol Mann and, most notably, a young Tiger Woods. In 2012 Adams Golf was acquired by TaylorMade but retained their name. Some of the advantages to using Adams Golf clubs and accessories include:best golf brands

  • Availability: Adams Golf clubs are available through the company website but also through marketing behemoths like Amazon and eBay.
  • Trade In ability: Trade in your old clubs for new Adams Golf clubs with their easy-to-use online trade-in program. After Adams has received your old clubs you’ll receive a payment within 30 days.
  • The factory store: Adams is one of the few sports equipment manufacturers that operate a number of factory stores nationwide. Find one near you and stop in for some tremendous savings.
  • Adams’ Lil’ Lessons: The company website has a slew of videos that address some common golf questions surrounding everything from golf cart etiquette to how to behave on the green. It’s great stuff that helps build the proper approach and attitude in the next generation of golfers.

Adams Golf features a number of high-profile adherents including the Big Easy, Ernie Els. We’ve seen them described as “beginners clubs”. Don’t you believe it?

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